APRIL          08th   Pickerel Tournament

                    12th   Meeting – Fly Tier – Eric Snyder, Swap Meet

                    28, 29 & 30th     Delmarva Expo, Harrington       


MAY            20th                    Club Picnic – Gordons Pond Pavillion Host  - White Clay Club

JUNE          14th                      Meeting – Chuck Cook

JULY           12th                     Meeting – Outside Meeting 6:00pm w/ Joe Cap

AUGUST         09th               Meeting - Capt. Chuck Cook will be our speaker this Wednesday evening

SEPTEMBER  13th                Meeting, Fishing the Chesapeake with Gary Neitzey  

                                               About Captain Gary Neitzey – Fly Fish the Chesapeake Bay                                           

OCTOBER       01st                Coast Day

                         11th               Meeting 

                         14th              One Fly Contest

NOVEMBER    08th               Meeting – Nomination of Board Members

DECEMBER     13th                Meeting – Roy Miller, Update on Mid Atlantic Fisheries & Election Board  Members

                          15th               Close of AGY Competition